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Houndstooth Print: Classic Meets Modern

Houndstooth has long been heralded as a classic and regal print in both fashion and home decor. Originating in Scotland in the 1800s, houndstooth was traditionally worn by shepherds in Scotland as an outer garment. The term "houndstooth" derived its name from the fact that the black and white jagged checks on the pattern resemble a dog's tooth, which is why the terms "dogtooth" or even "puppy tooth"  (for the smaller checked patterns) are used sometimes interchangeably. 
The great thing about classics is while they create an ever-lasting imprint on the culture, every now and then they meet a modern design that helps upgrade the aesthetic from antiquated to current and beyond. The Houndstooth Prima Studded Pump and Matching Trunk bag does exactly that, where gold studs adorn the classic black and white checks, promoting a modern take on the classic print that is houndstooth. With the Prima Houndstooth Trunk Bag and matching Prima Pump being the very first designs for Raven Collection, the brand's introduction to the world begins with a rich history built into the designs, but re-envisioned to match the brand's personality:
Bold. Edgy. Flirty. 
The Prima Vintage 2020 Shoot captures the art of this Classic meeting Contemporary.
Location: Guanajuato, México
Date: March 2020
Model: Raven Bey

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